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Thou Shalt

14 Jun

though shalt



Michael Jackson

26 Apr


Why Even Photoshop?

25 Oct

The core of this advertisement is a German ICE (Intercity Express) train taking passengers in Copenhagen, Denmark. It intends to sell apartments in the living and shopping complex behind.

Probable design process of this ad (yes, somebody got paid to design this):
1. ad is supposed to have something “futuristic”.
2. somebody googles (baidus) train and looks for images.
3. 5 mins later copies and pastes the image and adds the slogan as well as the labels.
4. gets approval from boss… “yes, very “futuristic”.
5. gets it printed on a giant banner.


(Fake) Applemania

17 Oct

These pictures were taken during the first half of 2012 and prove that (fake) Apple products, Apple shops and Apple fashion are extremely popular in China.

Life is Hard – A Sequence Shot in Less than Two Minutes

9 Aug

This woman works effectively and with devotion.


She works till nothing is left, as far as one can see.


Phew! Now it´s is time to enjoy whatever happens over there.

Working People in Fenghuang

24 Jul

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes ppl notice you, sometimes they don’t. It may look fake, but in each case it really is the person’s job to…?

The Girls´ Dormatory of a Five Star Hotel

11 Jul

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