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Tree Antenna

14 Dec



University Boot Camp

11 Dec

Two weeks are mandatory.

First week of school

First week of school close up


Things You might Like To Eat

9 Dec

food mit chips

Is food plus chips a new global trend?

food muschel

Seafood with tasty rice noodles

food pilze

Spicy mushrooms. Too much oil as always, but still delicious.

The Pizza Hut Experience

5 Dec

Sosse im Beutel
Note: For the awesome food of pizza hut you have to first get a number and wait, and then you wait forever for the food.

waiting for the sun

Things You Rather Would Not Eat – The “Hedge-rat”

1 Dec

 FH unknown animal

They were displayed as a part of the menu. Despite the weird teeth, they are actually kinda cute. And have very soft fur. Although officially forbidden, restaurants in Fenghuang openly serve them.

FH unknown animal2

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