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A Couple of Beers

27 Oct

Here are some beers I found a the corner store. They had Budweiser, too, but I left it out. The beers contain considerably less alcohol than in Europe, but taste allright. It were Germans who have established many early breweries in China. The only difficult thing is that ice cold drinks are not yet very popular. On the other hand, 25°C can feel quite cool in Chinese summer.


Harbin 330 ml, 3,6%, to be served between 5-25°C

Tsingtao Draft Beer 500 ml, 3,1%, to be served between 5-25°C

Tsingtao Lager Beer 600 ml, 3,1%, to be served between 5-25°C


Why Even Photoshop?

25 Oct

The core of this advertisement is a German ICE (Intercity Express) train taking passengers in Copenhagen, Denmark. It intends to sell apartments in the living and shopping complex behind.

Probable design process of this ad (yes, somebody got paid to design this):
1. ad is supposed to have something “futuristic”.
2. somebody googles (baidus) train and looks for images.
3. 5 mins later copies and pastes the image and adds the slogan as well as the labels.
4. gets approval from boss… “yes, very “futuristic”.
5. gets it printed on a giant banner.

Osama Merch

18 Oct

Warning: Buying and using the items displayed above may lead to serious personal harm.


(Fake) Applemania

17 Oct

These pictures were taken during the first half of 2012 and prove that (fake) Apple products, Apple shops and Apple fashion are extremely popular in China.

An Opulent (Wedding) Meal

13 Oct


A Frugal Meal

13 Oct



The (Playmobil) Police

2 Oct


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