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Street Corners

25 Sep

The peculiarities are in the ordinary.

Klick a picture and enjoy the show.


@A Fenghuang Market

21 Sep

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The black spots are special proteins. Probably very unkosher.

Check out this little project!

16 Sep

Americans are fat and ignorant. Every German drinks beer. All Spanish dance Salsa. Indians always say “yes”. Chinese eat dogs


The Art of Public Sleeping: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

12 Sep

Here are exhibited some dormants of the kind you will encounter anywhere travelling the Great Empire, and there are so many more fashions to discover. Those two knees rising behind the airport window in the early hours of the day are one example of the more unobstrusive, but equally ubiquitous flowers. Enjoy, and be inspired.

More Shoes – Do You Have A Sense Of Style?

10 Sep

Traditional Hunan Cuisine

5 Sep

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