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30 Aug

Young Grandmother

22 Aug

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Yummie: “Chinese Burgers” (Dumplings with Pork Rind and Vegetables)

21 Aug

Things You Rather Wouldn´t Eat: Stewed Bullfrog With Cucumber

21 Aug

The Art of Translation: Directing Responsibility

18 Aug


You will have to chase the thieves yourself. Do not report to the police. It
is your responsibility. Chinese are very honest: Nobody else will help you.

Show Your Belly!

14 Aug

It is hot, really hot. So what can you do? Showing your belly in public is perfectly fine,

if you are a man!





Hidden Saddam

11 Aug

On this exhibition wall covered with children´s drawings, I was surprised to discover a Saddam-Hussein-lookalike. Can you detect it, too?

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