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Things you rather wouldn´t eat: Caterpillar fungus hippocampus gold hook wings

30 Jul


Interesting Things- A Wild Unrelated Mix

26 Jul

'Unknown Symbolism'

Uniformaty of men and women.  A shared dream.

Schools out for summer. Left bags used to hold the doors open.

Crime is not high in China. But at the Lenovo service point you find an umbrella locker.
The real joke: The place was only one less than 20m2 room!

Do you want to do your business ‘western style’, but do not have the facilities yet? Walmart has the solution.

Working People in Fenghuang

24 Jul

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Sometimes ppl notice you, sometimes they don’t. It may look fake, but in each case it really is the person’s job to…?

Ear Cleaners +

15 Jul

Dig it anywhere! (Note that it’s made in Korea)

And for the deep digging…

USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

11 Jul


The Girls´ Dormatory of a Five Star Hotel

11 Jul

Global Commons

11 Jul


At least the instant soup you can probably get anywhere across the country – for less than one tenth of the here indicated amount.

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