Love Hill

12 Jun

„When students want to get intimate, they climb up Love Hill” – What at first seems hard to believe is easily discovered to be true, even though I walked across the area in the early afternoon… Most Chinese do not dispose of any room of their own before they have got a job. Students sleep in surveyed dormatorys. And so it is common to meet people in their mid-twenties and above which haven´t had any sexual experience. Many under thirty or even above turn red and lose their capacity of natural movement when they sit too close to a representative of the sex they feel for, or, in the utmost public transgression, touch one.

Chinese do not kiss in public, but cuddling couples in parks very often look like practising explicit positions. In any case, there is permanent traffic, especially at night, up on Love Hill.

On top of Love Hill

The condoms are norm-sized smaller than in Europe

Boy in yellow shirt on Love Hill´s lonely counterpart. Male students tell each other where they go crying, or which film makes them cry easily. Some go on a hill, others on some turf away from the crowd. Crying is not bad. You need to let it out, and. let´s face the fact, it shows that you are a sensitive person.


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