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Sunscreen SPF*

25 Jun

White skin is an important beauty factor, consequently many people carry umbrellas. If not, one does his, or mostly her, best by using a book, a big leaf or just anything at hand.


Big brother might be watching you…

25 Jun

Many people are concerned with public surveillance, but is anybody observing? I have been told about a theft in the student’s dormitory. Despite the ubiquitous cameras thieves remained undetected. When you make use of a surveillance camera, make sure somebody is waking in front of a linked screen. – Lao Tse


25 Jun

There are pet dogs and dogs running in the streets freely. Quite some dogs have lame legs. Others might be spotted on a plate.


Betel Nut

21 Jun

Betel nuts are perhaps more common than cigarettes, although most men smoke. Betel nuts contain an alcaloid. They give a numb feeling in the throat, have an extremely strong smell and therefore can be noticed in a distance. To benefit from the psychoactive effects, one has to chew about ten.


Different strength for different prices

Animal Business

21 Jun

They sell in the streets: miniature dogs and rabbits in cages, turtles, mice and hatchlings. Chinchillas which have to be kept under 25°C, must be sold in specialized shops.


Construction Sites

21 Jun

There are a lot, in every size, at any place, at any time of the day. They are the reason why many western engineers and programmers are employed.

The Bottom Line

20 Jun

There are a lot of beggars to be seen in the streets, and it´s easy to tell that they are well-organized, just like anywhere else since the beginning of time. In prospering China, more and more people can afford to give.

There is a fellow on every strategic point, and when some bigger note falls into his tin, he immediately hides it in his pocket (of course). A beggar has to look poor. If they showed the slightest sign of wealth, they would ruin their business at once. If a man has fifty, why should I give him five? The conscious housewife goes shopping and in between supports these views on images of abandoned misery; she buys the feeling of having a heart and the reinsurance of herself being lucky and well off.

The blind woman below earned more than 100 RMB (15,87 USD) in 40 minutes, a terrific wage in a country where a standard McDonald´s Big Mac Menu, a luxury for many, costs 15. We can only make a guess how much is left after the bosses have got their share.

In fact, not everybody on the streets is there for money; in less frequented places, you will often find somebody who cannot find a better place to sleep.

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